You get enough Quality One on One Time...?

My older son and I had a lovely day trawling round some antique shops recently.
He really is such good company - and since the wee lad came along, I have to make sure we spend 'quality time' together, otherwise we can lose touch...
So at half term, that's just what we did; shopping, lunch, chat!

My boy bought a fun telephone car; we think it's eighties or nineties - I got these beauties.
I can't resist a tin or two.
I already have quite a few that are predominently red, so very refreshing to see the cool greys and blue colours and they look pretty on my blue child's folding chair

The lacey look here has me utterly charmed!

I'm quite inspired by these colour combinations - quite fifties and sixties.
Mmmm wonder how they'll manifest themselves in my work?

Best go and do some...

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