Take a little look-see at this lovely lot...

Having read through the lovely 2012 brochure.... I have deffo been out of the loop for too long!! The brochure says there are Art Trails for studios in clusters - local maps with each participating artist! 
And loads of other exciting things are going on; workshops, teas, demonstrations...
I got the dates wrong too...
This year the Open Studios event lasts for SIXTEEN days - 26 May to 10 June, not the whole of May as I thought.
Also - the artists taking part seem to be of a high standard - really refreshing and inspiring to see.
Take a little look-see at this lovely lot...
I shall be sure to visit Liz's studio:

and Frannie's studio:

- and Corrin's studio:

and Prue's studio:

There are several artists new to me that I want to visit:
Amy Allcroft:

Toby Morison:

Jenni Murphy:

and Kerry Buck:

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