Seen on the table in my shed, in an earlier post, were a whole load of words and short phrases from magazines and papers I recently cut out.

I thought they could have the potential to become a set of inspirational visions or a mission statement or something.
Having spent time sorting and arranging them over the last few evenings - I have tried to get these near random phrases and words to sit near one another to kind of make sense.
I love text and type anyway so it was fun just playing around with combinations and trying to get some little meaning or a 'mantra' in there too. They are reminiscent of ransom notes!! - but the sentiment is supposed to be very far from that...

A good exercise, it did make me start to make sense of what I want from my artwork and from the creative process. The first one was jam-packed with words, whilst in the second two a bit more white space is allowed to remain.

Quite a fun creative thinking exercise to do if you're feeling a bit 'stuck'. Have fun!


Marie said...

Ta dah! Fab phrase, and sortof sums up what you do so well Annie!

Hope you and yours are very well, happy and healthy.

Lots of love,

Annie said...

Ahh bless you Marie - that was kind of what I hoped! We are all great thank you, I heard some news from Jen - hope all is good with you dear lady!