Recording How Time Flies - In My Sketchbooks

I put a couple of scans of sketchbook pages up on my Facebook Artwork page - so thought I'd compliment that with some different ones on my Art & Sketchbooks page - see right, over there! ----->
The last one on the coloured paper is from a little book I took to the Klimt exhibition in Liverpool; must be a few years old now!

Even if they are old ones - they never fail to re-inspire when you have a look through - I have some from my degree course - that's just over twenty-five years ago! coo-wee. Fun to trigger those memories.
For instance - here's the fireplace of the basement room I stayed in during my third year - it was a big old Georgian student house in Cheltenham:

Each time I get them out, I still see things I hadn't noticed previously in the sketches and ideas...potential for something new -
I shall keep adding to the Art & Sketchbooks page every so often

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