Choices, Choices - Is It All Too Much?

I have often thought about why it is I dislike the kind of clothes shopping that involves the likes of Primark, New Look or Topshop. I prefer to buy from charity shops - for a number of reasons:
     I like to be re-using /re-cycling -
     I like to spend a little less -
     I like having less choice -
Yes! It is so much easier if in the thrift store or charity shop when there are only eight pairs of jeans and only two in my size - and only one pair actually fit and are the right colour! Great -I'll have them! And if none of them are right - then I have saved even more money and I can come again in a month...!
Does that make me really weird? Old-fashioned? - Why is it I feel this?
Here's an interesting video on the psychology of CHOICE, from Cognitive Media - a small independent animation company from Kent, with a talk by Professor Renata Salecl who is a leader in psychoanalysis and law. - It is quite long - but offers something to think about....

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