Eggs Is Eggs...And These Are Eggs

Ooooh - just got the latest NCAS (Norfolk Contemporary Art Society) programme through the door... "Cedric Morris - an illustrated discussion" in November.
I have loved the work of Cedric Morris ever since I went to the show at the Tate, way back in 1984 - just before the first year of my degree!
Morris moved to Benton End, a beautiful big old house in Suffolk during the 39-45 war, where he and Arthur Lett-Haines ran an 'alternative' art school.


He tamed a large overgrown garden, becoming a skilled plantsman.


Cedric Morris was known particularly for growing irises and painting them, and the other produce from the garden too - in quiet, gently placed still life compositions; bucolic abundance that show no hint of war.


This eggs painting is my very favourite of Morris's. I love the honesty with which the rustic slip-ware dish is presented to us, the delicate colouring on the egg shells reflected in the background wall and floor colours, with the lilacs complemented by the chalky yellows and blue in simple vertical blocks of the doors behind.

So, I am excited about going to the discussion, which will be fascinating and concurrent with an exhibition coming to the Castle Museum in Norwich called Cedric Morris and Christopher Wood: A Forgotten Friendship, from October to December - lovely!

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