All Hail For Autumn: A Charming Walk...

We had a lovely walk in early autumnal sunshine - it's warmth sweetening blackberries and peeling off my cardigan!
There were fungi everywhere - Fly Agaric and Puffballs in the wooded bit and big brown roundy ones that obviously go crinkly with age, which I don't know the name of out on the heath, embraced by moss and heather:

By the time we got to the lakes - we had passed more red autumn lovelies; shiny rose hips of orange and vermilion, neat and tidy rosy-red hawthorn berries and glamorous back-lit honeysuckle berries. Even the bramble leaves were looking cheeky in splendiferous ruddy redness:

We visited the lakes, collecting suitable stones as we went. Stones are so very just right for throwing into lakes; splishing and glopping deliciously. 

Later we strode purposefully towards home with rose-bud cheeks and blackberry-juice lips! Such is the sweet innocence of an early October walk on your big brother's sixteenth Birthday.

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