Tiny And Out In The Sticks But Not Insignificant

Had a sweet visit to a most delightful little purpose-built museum for the housing of a collection of all things shell with my lovely colleague and the - all very good at drawing this year - students. 
The Shell Museum building

This pretty Victorian lady with a charming innocent expression stands atop the glass cases with her own glass dome to protect her from the ravages of dust and intrigued fingers

I adore this beautifully crafted collage set on a gorgeous bright coral background sitting squarely between the two places that are artisan and kitch - fab!
It has given me a whole lot of inspiration.... There are little shell characters that remind me of souvenirs from by-the-sea-side holidays too

And lastly - look at these little things - baby toes - oh! Just adorable...the cotton wool...the preciousness of it all!

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