Take The Paper Trail

I love to see the work of animators used in things like advertising - the creative industries doing their jobs well... And I was just floating around the web - jumping from one design blog to another creative website - to see where it took me and (on Vimeo) I found this animation for the French postal system by French animator Edouard Salier, which is both beautifully simple and incredibly complex at the same time.

And then I wondered what other paper animations there might be and found this fun one by SNASK  a Swedish design, branding and film company.

And then...! That reminded me of the work of the artist THOMAS DEMAND. A good few years ago I went to his fab retrospective of massive photos which looked marvellous at the wonderous space that is the Serpentine Gallery in London. 
Demand's work is photographs of paper and card models of everyday scenes - which have the ability to ask us to look again, realising the extraordinary in the mundane. That's my favourite art theme really as most of my work comes back to celebrating the ordinary. Here are a few images of his work:


Imagine these are photographs six or eight feet high - and you get the idea.

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