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I have bookmarked HUNDREDS of blogs and websites over the past few years and often re-visit many of them ~ but there is a significant percentage that I go back to frequently and regularly.
Thought I'd do a riddley-tiddley round-up of them and put a few linkety-links in too ~ in case you want to take a little look for yourself
Here goes:
I suppose the one blog I look at the most is PRINT AND PATTERN. It is "..a website that celebrates the world of surface pattern design". Run by a british designer living in London, it is a running commentary on two aspects of design - what designers are doing that hasn't reaches the shelves yet and what is out there in the shops now. The former often takes the form of designs that are sent to the inbox of Bowie Style (aka Marie Perkins), which she then likes and puts onto the blog, or otherwise...
It's a never-ending source of what's new and interesting in terms of season, colour, pattern, motif and style in the world of cards, gift wrap, wallpaper, stationery and ceramics.
Here's a few pics from recent posts:

Dinara Mirtalipova
Amanda Dilworth
Quarter Report
Shinzi Katoh

If you fancy an overdose of snazzy sixties pink and orange updated - then head over to HANDMADE BY ALICE APPLE. Working in Devon, Alice Burrows designs fabrics and graphics for all kinds of surfaces as well as making toys and decorations from her own designs and vintage fabrics too.
It's a fun site with insights to her family life as well as her business ~ I often feel exhausted just browsing, imagining how busy-busy she must be ALL the time! 
Here's some pics to whet your appetite:

Felt Houses
Alice Apple
In complete contrast to the bright flat impact of Alice Apple's blog, CATHY CULLIS has a blog that celebrates old fashioned muted colours and is very textural. Cathy Cullis makes dreamy paintings and stitched textiles of women who could be the Bronte sisters or Jane Austin ~ or any of their fictional characters. There seems to be a slight melancholy about them ~ yet they are sweet and charming. 
Let me show you what I mean:

dreaming the future
Dreaming the Future
This Happy Thought
Wintry Sisters
Shakespeare's sisters
Shakespeare's Sisters
Cathy Cullis
On Mondays she always makes a mosaic - calling it Mosaic Monday - a lovely way to build up a 'scrapbook' of images that maybe link together a theme - here's one:

mosaic monday 
Mosaic Monday by Cathy Cullis

Right that's going to have to be enough now because I am off up the hill to big son's school to respond to a call for help with clearing the outside areas so it's safe for 700 pairs of precious feet tomorrow morning! - Got me a BIG orange snow shovel...

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