What Would We Do Without Our Computer-Savvy Children...?

Bless him, my oldest boy helped me bring this little lady to life - kind of. I should have made many more slides and fiddled about for longer with the feet - as she's not quite walking so much as shuffling! - but it's a first attempt and a nice fun way of introducing you to a spring/summer character idea.
Only thing is I do not have a name for her... Despite having the Thesaurus by the bed and poring over the trillions of wonderful words in there - I still have diddley-squat of an idea who she IS.
I'd quite like her to have the name of a thing or colour or feeling rather than a name we might give to a human - a trend for giving an animal a human name has been around for quite a long while now, maybe it's time for names like Dapple or Sparkle or Apricot, Velvet, Bliss or Custard?

Also, I have been making some sketches for some new characters - a hedgehog who loves cooking, a new duck - based on a little felt fella I found in desperate need of adoption, in a charity shop.
Here are a few initial drawings from my sketchbook:

Made of felt with lovely hand stitches and a name tape sewn under his little jacket, this scatty fellow is fearless and funny; making hilarious jokes at the most inopportune moments - somewhat gauche, you might say, yet always ready to help - a good friend.

Today, little bunny has dressed up as a pirate and has her cutlass and telescope, eye patch and all important stripey top. She also sports a rather dashing neckerchief - what a fun tomboy bunny!

Here's a pic showing the whole book - a sweet little sketchbook given to me by the very lovely Corrin Tulk - (thank you dearie). It's just a bit smaller than an A6 size - so grand for doodling thoughts before putting the light out a bedtime, on the bus to work or for taking on a walk in a pocket to record a beautiful shaped tree for instance.
Watch this space for the developments of these cutey-pie characters and their escapades..


nigel said...

Hi Annie
I think she's doing the "Moonwalk"!

Annie said...

HeHe - yes, she does! I'll have to try again...