A Garden, Yes - But Plants?

This garden we inherited when we bought this house eighteen months ago is soul-less as well as plantless - and - although we have done stuff to both the garden and the house - it has involved taking down that random fence and removing a skip load - literally - of hard standing and brickwork - lots of bricks.
We have had to cut back virtually the only plants - a buddleia and that ivy from the end of the brick shed, for being in the wrong places. 

Yesterday I was tidying up me documents and photos on the computer when I came across a folder full of images I had snapped with the camera in the garden of the house we left for this one.....
Oh me, oh my, I had forgotten just how splendiforous it was!
Brace yourself - there are quite a few handsome beauties here:

We brought lots of things in pots with us but - two winters in - they're looking a bit sorry for themselves... The first thing I want to plant in the garden is a couple of fruit trees - apples please! Then all the rest after we've sorted the lawn and improved the soil and drainage. Meanwhile - we can feast our eyes on these - enjoy

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