Valentine Ending

I was looking through the pictures on my phone today and found these of a lovely walk I took with the dog on a beautiful bright day in early Autumn. The quality is not great on my phone - but the shapes and light were captured well enough. 
Not being a fan of dark and grim January and February, it is lovely to be reminded of the joy that is bright but soft English light - I can't wait to see and feel it again, once the warmth of Spring breaks through!

Oh and - just couldn't resist posting the delightful winged heart card I received from my dear firstborn this morning, as he left for school. Through my half asleep and generally worsening eyes, the wings looked like jellyfish, but I didn't say anything - it was only when I opened the blinds that I saw the feathers! 
Lucky me - being the mum of two of the most darlingest boys in the world.


Marie said...

And we are the luckiest people to be friends of you! Love to you Annie, Jenny and children are visiting me this weekend - we'll be thinking of you!!

Marie xo

Annie said...

Oh Marie - what a sweet thing to say - thank you! Hope you had a lovely time - I saw the photo of you at the theatre production - sounds wonderful! Lots of love x