What Do They Get Up To...?

My students have just started the research for my favourite project theme today - and so far I think it will the most popular with them too - until they do Advertising after that - some of them just excel at the ideas generating!
They have to research into various aspects of narrative image making - sequential imagery; illustrators, animators, cartoonists, games designers are all covered in this one.
There are always one or two key students I don't forget and thinking about this project made me look up Alex Searle - who is doing really well since leaving our course to go to NUA Norwich University of the Arts. Here's his inspired short film exploring what animation actually IS:

Another ex-student who springs to mind is Toby Rampton who went on to study illustration at Cambridge.
His Flickr pages show what he gets up to and how his delightful drawing style is unfolding.

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