A Sense Of Order

Ever since I was little and loved to arrange my felt tips in colour order - I have got great joy out of the careful placement of objects. I used to eat my coloured sweeties so that I had the same number of each colour and could lay them out in lines to nibble up in order - or sometimes I'd eat all of one colour so as to revel in the changed colour relationships of those left.
It seems to me this is as much about colour combinations as it is about placement and order of objects!

Unfortunately it has to be admitted here that our home and personal space fails to indicate this interest in any way..
Maybe it has just manifested itself in the way I make marks - lots of my doodles and little prints sit within a grid-like format:

Likewise I am attracted to things in groups and repetition
My photographs {from when we took the students camping a few years ago} embrace the strange placement and layout of the campsite - I love it's 'stuck in time'-ness - bit like how I feel:

 The dear old deux cheveux can be glimpsed here...pretending to be a dome tent

 Then there's my love of making patterns - some of which I have put up on my surface pattern page... and laying out images in grids - from little pets to my family heritage:

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