We All Need Time Away To Refresh...

We had a relaxing few days with family over on the other side of the country in half term week - and it was lovely to take a bit of time to re-look at all those familiar things that underpinned my childhood days.
I pressed that close-up button on my camera to get right in on some detail:
First up - fun and funky oddities:

A cheeky little drawing by my brother - done years ago - of  Edward I and - a conflab of cockerels!

Our home was full of antique china - so here are some pretty painted bits, also an etching and further on some little people.. and two dear little houses:

These expressions are quite plaintive and the characters very sweet, with their ruddy complexions -  showing their gentle country ways I imagine:

This rather delicate chap reminds me a little of the guy who started Facebook - can't remember his name and  that's fine by me:

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