How To Make Handmade Products Look Great In Photos

Yeah - that's the problem - taking photos that make the most of beautiful handmade things.
Hours of care, hard work and love can be lost through ineffective photography.
I have been trying to take decent images of the sweet pinafores we've been working on for East Place Designs but I still can't do them justice!
Some of the close ups are alright:

But when it comes to seeing the whole garment - they just don't look as completely irresistible as we'd like in these images:

Although when I took some photos of my little lad in his new coat earlier in the year, they made the coat look as adorable as it really is:

Maybe it's the fact that the item is being worn by a very cute and scrumptious little fella - a human being literally brings the garment to life.
Right - got to find some of my little lad's adorable girl friends and let them dress up in some pretty pinafores for sweet lively images...

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