My Sister - A Teenager Bunny?

It dawned on me recently that I have been posting all my character designs on my 'sister' blog - East Place Designs but I haven't kept up with it over here. 
So I'm going to re-dress that with some photos of how the characters have been developing.
Here are some images from my sketchbook, way back when I was very first exploring the idea of rabbit and hedgehog characters. The drawings have to change into designs and develop loads before they come into they're own.
I often draw from soft toys initially to get ideas for proportions and facial expressions:

When I first drew Vanilla for the cut out rabbit doll, I made her legs really long - she looked like a teenager bunny!

Yes, still toying with the idea that Shackleton might be a bit of a pirate or 'super' rabbit sometimes....

It took almost as long to decide on the names as it did to design the little characters themselves:

This is sweet little Vanilla bunny - who likes collecting and crafting.
I made a Vanilla Dress-up paper doll and Shackleton rabbit - a bit of an adventurer who likes sticks and stones - can be seen at the bottom of the page. 

Designs get printed onto 100% cotton as well as onto paper goods - so we make clothes and cushions to compliment the cards, activity kits and notebooks. 

As I get some photos of the finished items, I will post more here - and we'll be at the Contemporary Summer Craft and Design Fair on Saturday 20 July at Long Melford in Suffolk

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