A Good Turnout..!

A big Thank You to all those who came along to our preview last night - it was very encouraging to see so many folk - well over seventy people there!
Considering Corrin only dreamed up our group show a couple of months ago, we have done really well.
We had one meeting and it's been emails since then to organise, market, publicise, print, etc. in preparation for last night...
And - it came together really well:

A great turnout as you can see!

The gorgeous Michelle Daniels and her gorgeous pottery:

Bruce Rushin's fascination with trompe l'oil is evident in his wonderfully detailed paintings:

Here's Colin Giles explaining his enigmatic photography and great digital prints, which address movement:

Corrin Tulk's paintings sit together well - creating a strong series of bright abstracted landscapes and seascapes:

Here's a quick snap of my set up. I have to say I'm happy with a new way to display the work - I think it portrays the way I am - quite well..!
I'll explain that better tomorrow!

Jeweller, Ann Lamb, had a fab idea - a competition for a fingerprint in silver - with the proceeds going to the Hare Preservation Trust:

Right - doing this has made me realise that I must take more photos tomorrow - the list incldes:
Close ups of Ann's beautiful jewellery
Close ups of my work
A record of my printing workshops
The prints produced in my workshops
Our yummy homemade cakes - and delightful teas -

Yes - you can get refreshments too!


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