Fun Art Workshops Planned...!

I'll be running a great simple block-print creative workshop for YOU at our Bank Holiday Weekend Exhibition at St Lawrence Art Centre, here in sunny Norfolk.
Insects will play a big part... No! I promise I won't pull massive spiders out of my pockets or tickly earwigs from my... ears?!

But I can say it will be fun, informative, creative, inclusive and you will go home with your very own bug character print!
The workshops will kind of be on-going, with one scheduled each day - Saturday 24, Sunday 25 and Monday 26 August - but if there are six peeps interested at any time - with an hour to spare - we'll do one there and then - YES - that's just how spontaneous I can be...
Scheduled workshops will run from 3-4pm
Age range: minimum 5years - maximum 105years (I'll have free colouring-in sheets for anyone older or younger)
Workshops will cost £4 each for an hour - equates to an exercise class - so good value.
I'll teach you some printing skills, a bit of character development and help you get lots of ideas...
Do come along, there will be lots going on! Be great to see you
Here are a few pics to inspire:
A pretty diverse mix - so you see, something for everyone...come along, join in and get creative!

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