Reach Out And Haul In The Day....

Enjoyed a shortish day at work in the shed - making this medium sized piece. 
I printed the circles - with a 'block', made using little cork pads from the hardware shop.
I was inspired by the bits left randomly on my table after cutting up papers to collage last time I was in there.
I still like the white space - but exploring a slightly more loosely constructed composition across the surface. 
keeping it more open seems cleaner - a few pieces were becoming a bit cloggy and heavy with paint - but the intention was to leave room for the colours and shapes to breathe today.
Here's the whole thing: 

And here are three photos of fragments of the above:

I like the way that the ochre makes the black pick up the blues - giving the impression of being a sort of paynes grey.
Each of these close-ups could stand up as a complete piece - but sadly they are only areas from the top image, zoomed in on by my camera's lense.

...Recording, clipping and seeing the fragmented detail sections here has given me plenty of ideas for what to do next.

Below is the page from a new sketchbook, that I started today - some shapes I selected with thought and planning, yet others were simply what was left when I'd cut out those shapes.
It's the chance that intrigues me initially, followed by a combination of placement, instinct, questioning and reflective thought

A fragment of the sketchbook piece - thank you to Mr Hole-Punch who was very helpful this afternoon!

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