Studio Photos For The Website..

I am putting together a website (phew, what a time it takes...) at the moment - to be a showcase for my artwork
It is out there on the world wide web right now good people and you can visit 
There are still some things that I need to add - namely details for each individual piece in the slideshows - you know, title, dimensions, media used.
As part of the website, I thought it would be good to have some photographs of the studio, so I cleverly made a page called 'studio'.
Here are a few that we took - there are some recent images of my good self on the website - I spared you those here! Also, it means you may go and have a look at the website, if you want to see me with me specs on..
Anyway, enough of that. Here - for your delectation - is my beloved compact creative space:

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