What's The Link Here Then?

Photographing precious paper pieces; carefully collected, clipped and collated - on top of my table, in the studio-shed. 
Circles and letterforms, black printing ink, mono-printed polka dots.
Re-arranging the random off-cuts.
Reflected light and diffused light with triangles.
Scaffolding at work - serendipitous addition of red door.
Then - finally - two long mixed media collages I made last week and a messy one.
That's what I have been recording with the camera on my phone - it's a rubbish camera. 
I need a new phone, so that I can get a new camera...bonkers isn't it - but that's how it seems to work...


Helena GolanĂ³ said...

I see again here the photo you have in Twitter. Yes, it is a fantastic picture and there are connections, of course. When I saw it, it reminded me of "Photography" in your website and the work under construction in the table of your shed.

Annie said...

Ah - yes, you are so observant!

Laura said...

I'm using a bit of time I have while Adam gives the girls breakfast to catch up on your blog. It always gives me lots of ideas. I love these collages especially the long thin ones. I also liked the post of work spaces, my current maternity cover job comes to an end in 3 weeks time and I'm looking forward to spending some time sorting my "shed" out even if I'm going to be a bit skint(er) whilst doing it! Thanks for the inspiration !

Annie said...

Hi Laura - thank you for your lovely comments, we either have time OR money generally - but rarely both. As long as we make good use of each when it comes along, that's the main thing, I suppose! - I wish you well with getting back into the shed - and can't wait to see the results!! take care