Love The Way Pinterest Introduces Me To New Inspiration

I never cease to be amazed by how durable and contemporary a lot of abstract paintings from the early and mid 20th century remain.
It is almost quite a shock to see a photograph of the young Auguste Herbin and link him with these images, although he wasn't painting these geometric abstracts in 1911, when that photo at the bottom was taken.
These works were painted in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.
I've just found Herbin tonight on Pinterest - don't think I've ever seen his work before.
Herbin was French. He moved to the same complex of studios as Braque and Picasso in Paris - and became a cubist painter, before venturing into abstraction.

Auguste Herbin (French, 1882-1960), Non 3, 1952. Oil on canvas, 92.2 x 73 cm.

Jour (Day). 1953 The style of art created by French painter Auguste Herbin (1882-1960) ranged greatly throughout his career; evolving from Impressionism to Cubism and lastly geometric abstraction. In 1909 he moved into the famous Bateau-Lavoir Studios in Paris, where he shared walls with Picasso and Braques. Sadly, in 1953 Auguste was inflicted with one of the worst ailments that an artist could suffer, lateral paralysis, forcing him to re-learn to paint with his left hand.

Colorful Shapes Make Me Really Happy - Auguste Herbin

stilllifequickheart: 1951. Auguste Herbin, a French Cubist and later abstract painter whose work forms a bridge between the Cubist movement and post-war geometrical abstract painting.

Violon par Auguste Herbin

Auguste Herbin, A No 2, 1955. Oil on canvas. Size in Cm: 89 x 116.

Apparently he got a thing called lateral paralysis - and I quote from someone on Pinterest "was inflicted with one of the worst ailments that an artist could suffer...forcing him to re-learn to paint with his left hand". That's what I've been doing wrong - I have been 'suffering' from using my left hand..
I'm going to use these strong images as analogy when teaching Layout / InDesign with my Graphic Design students next week and see if they can guess their date - quiz time
Might as well be blocks of images and text as colour and paint, eh? - A great lesson in composition / design

Pinstripe suit and hat | The painter Auguste Herbin in Picasso’s atelier (11 Bld. de Clichy), ca 1911 - by Pablo Picasso

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