More Abstracts - Angles and Tangles of Bits and Bobs

I love to make digital collage - which, if you've visited my website at - you'll know that I use as if it were a form of sketchbook. 

I can work/play really quickly, allowing me to explore ideas quite rapidly, with an immediacy.

Also, if I choose to, I have the indulgence of employing the same elements over and over again - in different digital collages - or even within the same digital piece. 
This is a great contrast to my paper collages, where each one is original. 
Naturally, in my one-off art pieces, I can use each element I find (or make) only once.

There's also something quite liberating about the fact that they only exit digitally, created on a website and floating around on the internet.

For my up-coming exhibition, I am, however going to get some postcards and greetings cards printed - so look out for details of the exhibition when I publish the flyer - soon...

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