A Little Light Bedtime Reading

Saw this interesting article from NESTA today. 
As it says on their website:
"Nesta is an innovation charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life"

The UK has really low - and continuing to lower - productivity. Productivity is clarified by Nesta as "output per hours worked".

In the UK, we manage to produce 17% less output than the average for the G7 nations, for the hours we work - our widest gap for 20 years.

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Really grim thought - that we spend long long hours at work, but our productivity is lacking behind.
Nesta goes on to explain that there's a sagging middle (I've got one of those!).

Computers and other machines continue to replace people in 'routine' jobs in the middle income areas, one of the contributors to a massive and growing inequality of income.
This is the exciting bit: The creative sectors have 2.6 million jobs within them - bigger than financial services and construction. 
Nesta's report - 'Creativity Vs Robots' finds that where many many jobs can be replaced by computers; the Arts - creative jobs - are particularly resistant to this so called 'evolution'.

The Offcuts by Studiomama

Get this: Nesta says "87% of highly creative workers are at low or no risk of automation, compared with 40% of jobs in the UK workforce as a whole."
Anyway - I'm going to take a download of 'Creativity Vs Robots' on the bus to work - or to read in bed, before sleep. Have a look for yourself HERE 

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