Snatching A Little Pin Time

Sometimes I think I might be a bit addicted to Pinterest and this is why..

Thicket Assemblages

Mimesis XV

Mimesis III, IV, Nocturne Grandes XXII, XXI

Almost every time I have a little look at my Pinterest pages, I find a new (to me) artist, designer, piece of work, idea, possibility!
Last night it was Robert Kelly - an American artist based in New York.
His studio - never mind his art - is amazing:

Look at the scale and relationships of the space, furniture, window frames with the artwork and its placement in that space. I love that there is a small piece of Kelly's in the corner, almost the same size as the grey electrical box near the window. I love that the verticals of the radiators under the window are echoed in the large piece on the left.

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