Oh Look What Happened Whilst I Wasn't Thinking

I've been busy getting work ready for exhibitions and for our studio workshop open days.

These are the times when I abandon art work and I hate that as I become dis-jointed, which makes it really hard to re-connect.

Making art is like having a lover - on my mind constantly - but only fleetingly visited; intense and all consuming when I'm there. My art waits in the wings, whilst life's mundane tasks are metered out, for our next indulgent time together.

People think you need a break - because people need breaks from the work they do generally. 
Art is different though. 

When you take a break from your creativity, you severe a vital connection, which amounts to losing the thread of your thoughts.

Thoughts have to be nurtured and lived with and listened to.
Certainly my artwork is the physical manifestation of the ongoing consolidation of my thinking and response.

In the moment - that's where I have to be in order to make art.
With such a busy life, the problem becomes finding long enough moments to be in.

But, you know what?
All of the above means that I research - I drool at Pinterest - I find some images I like and print them out to stick on my shed wall as inspiration.

Except I didn't have time to be in my shed and paste them up.

Instead I found myself with pen in hand, doodling all over them.

So these mini responses just appeared - seeds of new thinking?

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